Beware of asana addiction

By A. G. Mohan and Dr. Ganesh Mohan

Since no two bodies area alike, no two bodies will look identical doing the same postures. Know the purpose of your practice before you begin each session. Examine how this purpose fits in with your larger goal of reintegration, and make the changes that will keep this immediate goal...

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Yogasutras Online: In-Depth and Accessible

By Svastha Team

The program at is an ongoing program.

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Is Yoga Therapy Supported by Research?

By Ganesh Mohan

A lot, of late. Yoga research is sometimes a revelation and sometimes repetitive, as with other medical research. But a lot of what is done under the name of yoga is also done in different contexts. Exercise, mindfulness, positive emotions, and good breathing, for example. Much of what is done under the… ...

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