Peace Chants from the Vedas

By Dr. Ganesh Mohan

Chanting holds the power to transform our body and mind in many ways. The mind becomes focused. The breath grows longer and steadier. The vibrations of the sounds influence the wellbeing of our body. Chanting can shift our energy towards activity or calmness. It can engage our emotions or soothe them. The words of chants shift our thoughts.

Vedic chants have been transmitted since ancient times, retaining the purity of their pronunciation, notes, and rhythm. Merely being absorbed in listening to them, can benefit us. Learning the chants with guidance and repetition can be even more effective.

saha nāvavatu

śam no mitraḥ

namo vāce yā coditā

namo brahmaṇe

bhadraṁ karṇebhiḥ