Deepen your exhale

By Dr. Ganesh Mohan
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This is a gentle practice of approximately 15 minutes. We repeat each step only around 3 times; you can add more repetitions if you like.

You can also easily modify this practice to sit on a chair instead of being on your feet.

Key skills in this practice

  1. Feeling the breath
  2. Touch with your hands to connect with the exhalation
  3. Exhaling from the abdomen and from the lower ribs
  4. Forward fold and twist to encourage exhalation

Layout of the practice

  1. Introduction: importance of exhaling – you need to exhale to inhale well
  2. Feel your breath
  3. Breathe out through the lips slow and long
  4. Feel free to use ujjayi breath in this practice
  5. Breathe out through the nose slowly and do chair
  6. Hand on abdomen feel the inhale and exhale
  7. Fold forward with longer exhalation from abdomen
  8. Mobilize the joints in standing position
  9. Hands on lower ribs exhale
  10. Hug the ribs and fold forwards
  11. Return to balance with standing expansion
  12. Chair pose on exhale, raise arms inhale, twist on exhale lowering arms, alternate sides
  13. Forward fold from chair, then come up to standing and reach up
  14. Loosen and mobilize
  15. Hand on abdomen and chest, free inhale, easy longer exhale, feel your breath