Retreat Programs with the Mohans

Empowerment through Yoga

The unique Empowerment through Yoga retreat programs are taught by world-renowned master teachers, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan. In your time with the Mohans, you will learn these deeper aspects of yoga – Devotion, Pranayama, and Bhavana – to enrich your practice, deepen your knowledge, and empower you in your life.

Empowerment through Yoga

These weekend retreats will broaden your understanding of the basic principles of yogic practices pertaining to Devotion, Pranayama, and Bhavana. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali offers the option of devotion as a practice in yoga, termed isvara pranidhana in Sanskrit. 

Isvara pranidhana in the Yoga Sutra is a practice of connecting to the Divine within us with trust. The nature of that Divine is limitless peacefulness.  A. G. Mohan

Pranayama is the transition from the body to inner stillness in the Yoga Sutras. Deep pranayama begins when stillness arises in the body. To facilitate this inner shift through pranayama, we work with mantra, mudras, and bhava-s.  

Empowerment through Devotion

Devotion is one of the most effective and easy pathways to mental steadiness and is a way to comprehensively combine all the other practices in yoga. These programs are exclusive 10-day Retreats in Southern India where you will learn and experience the yogic practices related to the devotional path to freedom. You will be offered vital keys and practices to set you on the path to devotion by your yoga masters A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan. The principles presented in this 10-day program are universal – based on yoga psychology and easily accessible, they will help you better connect to the inner light of the Divine, no matter which religious beliefs you embrace.

Empowerment through Pranayama & Bhavana

Yoga is all about Bhava: moving toward positive states of being at all levels. A. G. Mohan

Pranayama is a practice that defines yoga itself—other systems of well-being and self-transformation work with the body or the mind, but yoga has the unique distinction of working in-depth with the breath. Pranayama is referred to as the “yoga of inner touch” in ancient texts. That is, pranayama is not just doing something with your breath. It is connecting to the inner “bhava”—an existential shift in the way you feel, from within. The word “bhava” is from the meaning “to be.” To be more calm, more kind, more stable, more clear in all ways is yoga. You will be guided towards the elements of pranayama and bhavana in this 10-day retreat program in South India by master yoga teachers, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan.

Retreat Program Schedule

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