Yogic Mindfulness

Yogic Mindfulness Programs 2018

Yogi Mindfulness-lighten your life

Following their extremely successful Yogic Mindfulness Retreat in Bali last year, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan will be presenting further Yogic Mindfulness programs in Australia and Europe from July to September this year. Each program is five days long and focuses on different aspects of Yogic Mindfulness. Please read on for details of each program, locations, and dates.

Yogic Mindfulness – Lighten your Life

This program is a wonderful introduction to the principles of Yogic Mindfulness. A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan will provide guidance and experiential training in timeless practices that will enable a change in our thoughts and actions and lead us toward the state of sattva. The following aspects of Yogic Mindfulness will be covered:

  • Minding your body
  • Minding your breath
  • Minding your mind and senses
  • Minding your speech
  • Minding your food

You will gain a clear and applied understanding of the principles of yogic mindfulness that will enable you to take control of and guide your own practice.

Yogic Mindfulness – Change your Mind

The fundamental structure of our mind is related to the three gunas – sattva, rajas, and tamas, each of which influences our behaviour and actions. Positive transformation leading to good health and freedom is related to the sattvic state of our mind. This 5-day Yogic Mindfulness program will focus on understanding the nature of sattva, and how to attain that state.

Yogic Mindfulness – Meditation and Devotion

The Yoga sutras present different types of attachment. Meditation on the Divine is presented as one of the best means to attain steadiness of mind. This 5-day Yogic Mindfulness program will focus on meditational practices leading to this goal. The direction will be towards integrating these practices into everyday life.

Yogic Mindfulness – Emotions and Mental Steadiness

We all know there is no greater blessing than a steady and peaceful mind. Yet, we are all troubled at times by unwanted emotions like desire, dislike, and delusion. These are related to a web of emotions like love, compassion, fear etc. This 5-day program will focus on understanding and dealing with these emotions through Yogic Mindfulness techniques.

Yogic Mindfulness – Speech Retreat

Mind and speech are like two sides of a coin. Mind is the internal speech and speech is the external mind. Regulation of our thought processes can be achieved through regulation of speech. This Yogic Mindfulness program will focus on the role of mantras in the control of speech and, in turn, control of the mind.