Yogic Mindfulness Program

The essence of classical yoga is the process of bringing the mind under complete control. It is the ultimate path to tranquility, mental balance, bodily health, and well-being. This is the state of Svastha - Yogic Mindfulness is the means to embrace such a state.

Yogic Mindfulness offers valuable and unique practices that are effective in enhancing health in body and tranquility of mind.

During this retreat, you will be provided with practical and experiential training in:

  • Minding your body
  • Minding your breath
  • Minding your mind and senses
  • Minding your speech
  • Minding your food

You will gain a clear, applied understanding of:

  • The principles of yogic mindfulness that will enable you to take control of and guide your own practice.
  • Prana bhavanas, the key practice in this context.

Such understanding is the key to an evolving self-practice, and in teaching others effectively.

This course is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in learning tools for a more balanced and harmonious life.
  • Yoga students/teachers wishing to deepen their personal practice and understanding of yoga.

For more information please email info@yogicmindfulness.net.