Svastha Yoga Therapy

The Svastha Yoga System is a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing. It offers you the skills, knowledge, and experience to increase wellbeing and resilience prevent health problems, recover from illness, and teach this to others effectively. Coming from one of the most authentic, trusted, authoritative sources in the yoga field, our programs are rooted in ancient wisdom combined with modern science and extensive application over decades.

Features of the Svastha System

The Svastha system gives you knowledge, clarity, and confidence to be well and teach others to do the same for themselves. These features make the Svastha system exceptional and effective:


Wellbeing comprehensively mapped across 10 domains: Habit & Change, Awareness, Feelings, Thoughts & Words, Movement, Breathing, Nutrition, Senses & Lifestyle, Relationships, and Life Meaning.


Skills-based approach focusing on what one can do in each area of wellbeing. Extensive guided practices, reflections, daily life application, and more. Widely applicable, with many options for different people and needs.


Covers the traditional frameworks and perspectives of yoga with breadth, depth, and clarity from trusted sources.


Well-chosen modern biomedical information relevant to wellbeing threaded throughout the program.


Guidelines for various needs based on holistic mapping, skill needs in each area, modern diagnoses, and ayurvedic perspectives.


Competency-based structure offers choices, helping you focus on what you value most in your wellbeing and training.


Drawing on experience with many thousands of patients, students, and clients, and from training teachers for decades, the Mohans have meticulously designed the Svastha system to be effective for students, teachers, and therapists at each level.

For Teachers

How to instruct all the wellbeing skills, use of language, structuring practices that target multiple skills, therapeutic strategies, contraindications and safety, and more.


Expert guidance for your journey as a student, teacher, and therapist.

Lifelong Confidence

The Svastha system, with timeless depth and extensive coverage, gives you the confidence to dive in and grow your wellbeing skills—practice, teaching, therapy—for years to come.

How the Svastha System is Organized

The system is organized under these five major areas. Related topics are presented together for ease of understanding.

I. Universal Wellbeing Skills in 10 Domains

  • Map your wellbeing.
  • Discover the domains and skills you need to work on.
  • Use the best approaches—traditional, modern, and in combination.
  • Understand and practice the skills.
  • Combine multiple skills for flexible and sustainable wellbeing practices.

II. Traditional Frameworks

  • Classical frameworks such as the guṇa, doṣa, kleśa, mantra, mudra, nyāsa, devotion, eight limbs etc. from ancient sources.
  • Focus on insights, connections, applications, and diving deeper.

III. Modern Science

  • Selecting relevant information from modern biology and medicine to understand wellbeing and disorders.
  • Anatomy, physiology, systems-based thinking and more.

IV. Disorder-Based Guidelines

  • Common modern diagnoses: symptoms, pathology, progression, contraindications.
  • Mapping modern diagnoses to a holistic, skills-based approach.
  • Strategies and choice pathways patterns of imbalances.
  • Viewing imbalances through traditional lenses.

V. Guidance for Teachers & Therapists

  • Assessing the client.
  • Designing practices and sequences for different needs.
  • Language and communication and therapeutic relationship.
  • Delivering skills in multiple ways.
  • Safety and contraindications.
  • Case studies and mentoring.


The Svastha syllabus offers an extensive, deep, and clear presentation of the full spectrum of holistic wellbeing and therapeutic self-care.

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The program is currently available as a series of online courses, headed by the Mohans themselves. The offerings are structured by topic, following the syllabus. Each course can be taken as a standalone unit to enrich your wellbeing education, as a seeker of self-care, as a yoga student, yoga teacher, or yoga therapist. The courses also integrate with each other as part of the larger Svastha Yoga Therapy system.

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