Sound for Sound Health

Program contents:

Module 1 (2 days)

1. The Origins of Sound

  • Vedic wisdom (Sabda prapancam) & Foundational links to Yogasutras and other classical texts
  • The paradigm of Yoga (Vrtti Nirodham)
  • Why Sound is foundational to changing mental patterns (Sabdam – artham – jnanam)

2. Toning and Deep breathing

  • Basal toning (Ekatanam)
  • Undifferentiated (Dhwanyatmakam) & Differentiated sounds (Varnatmakam)
  • Stress release with Sound - Targeted relaxation techniques
  • Vocalizing with awareness - Working through the body

3. The use of Sound in Asanas

  • Postures for ideal use of mantras and sound, Practice sequences to take home, Teaching Sound in Asanas

4. Sound and the Yogasutras

  • Links to the 8 limbs of Yoga of Patanjali, Yama – Pitch of voice
  • Kriya Yoga and Sound - Mantras for will power (Tapas), Self-reflection (Svadhyaya) & Acceptance (Isvara pranidhana)

5. Essentials of the Sanskrit Language

  • Articulation of the Sanskrit phonetic sounds with the ancient phonetic sutras (Panini ashtadhyayi sutras)
  • The dance of Lord Shiva & The Origins of the Sanskrit language (Mahesvara Sutras)

6. Mantras

  • Root meanings – protection and intervention,
  • OM and the different ways of using OM in meditation
  • The Svastha 5 Mantras Pathway - 5 Key mantras for daily practice and their adaptation for daily life
  • Call and response singing with the mantras

7.  Brief Overview of the rules of Vedic Chanting

  • The importance of the 2nd rule – Svaram/Pitch and its innate connections with Bhavam (emotions)
  • Models of practice with Sound - Awareness, Stability, Breath Flow, Mindfulness

8. Mantras in Pranayama

  • Breath – the integral link to good health, Prana and Nada
  • Mantra integration into deeper Pranayama practice

9. Emotional well-being

  • The Drone and the Safe Space, Learning to use it in personal practice and teaching
  • Exploring scales of music, The inner world (Bhava prapancam)
  • Understanding your ideal range of voice, tones and Pitch
  • The Mindful Voice - The perfect speech (Ramayanam)
  • Daily life practices - Awareness and mindful speaking

10.Music and Spirituality

  • History of the musical sages of the Vedic wisdom -transcendental wisdom through songs and poetry
  • Inspiring stories for daily life, Healing music and its roots

Dates and Locations:

Berlin | 16-17 June, 2017


Helsinki | 19-20 June, 2017


Munich | 24-25 June, 2017


Frankfurt | 30 June - 1 July, 2017


Amsterdam | 7-8 July, 2017