Sound for Sound Health

Program contents:

1. The Origins of Sound

  • Vedic wisdom (Sabda prapancam) & Foundational links to classical texts
  • The Paradigm of Yoga – Vrtti Nirodham
  • Why Sound is foundational to changing mental patterns

2. Mantras and Positive Psychology

  • Root meanings – protection and intervention
  • Emotional wellbeing – Bhavas and Rasas
  • Will power and reflection, Daily life practices

3. Vedic Phonetics

  • Paniniya siksha
  • The dance of Lord Shiva & The Origins of the Sanskrit language (Mahesvara Sutras)
  • Essentials of the Sanskrit Language pronunciations

4. Emotional Wellbeing

  • The Drone and the Safe Space- using it in personal practice and teaching
  • Understanding your ideal range of voice, tones and pitch
  • The Mindful Voice - The perfect speech (Ramayanam)
  • Daily life practices - Awareness and mindful speaking

5. The Human Brain and Music

  • The Vagus nerve and the Parasympathetic nervous system
  • Breath practices and HRV
  • Perceptions of pitch and harmony - melody based therapies
  • Understanding current trends and research and how it supports the learning here

6. Ragas and Bhavas

  • Exploring scales of music and related emotions
  • Call and response singing with mantras
  • Scales from both the North Indian and South Indian classical streams

7.  Releasing stress with Sound

  • Learning to vocalize with awareness to release emotions
  • Elevating mood through Sound
  • Working with the Shoulder girdle, Neck and upper back
  • Relieving tension with Sound work – awareness and stability

8. The 5 mantra pathway

  • 5 key mantras for daily practice
  • Call and response singing with the 5 mantras
  • Adapting and using these mantras for daily practice

9. Isvara Pranidhana

  • The Perspective of the Yogasutras
  • Definitions from the Vedic perspective
  • Integrating it into active meditation with mantras

10.The Pranavam – OM

  • Significance of OM
  • Various methodologies of using Om for practice and meditation

11.Meditation with Nature

  • Meditation with the life teachers – space, air, water, fire and earth
  • Intrinsic nature of the elements - Qualities to meditate upon

12.Ekatanam – Basal toning

  • Ekatana shruti – practice (single tonal practices)
  • Bhuri Shruti – practice (dual tonal practices)
  • Sampurna Shruti – practice (multi tonal practices)

13.Sound in Asanas

  • Postures for ideal use of mantras and sound
  • Practice sequences to take home
  • Teaching Sound in Asanas

14.Mantras in Pranayama

  • Breath – the integral link to good health
  • Mantra integration into Pranayama practice
  • Uccaih Upamsu Manasikam


  • The link with mantras - Attitudes and intentions
  • Rajas, Tamas and Satva
  • Mudras and Nyasas

16.Music and Spirituality

  • History of the musical sages of the Vedic wisdom
  • Transcendental wisdom through songs - Healing music and its roots
  • Inspiring stories for daily life

Dates and Locations:

Singapore | 11 - 13 May, 2018

Amsterdam | 4 – 6 June, 2018

Helsinki | 18 – 20 June, 2018

Munich | 22 – 24 June, 2018