Yogasutras Chanting


 The Yogasutras are the oldest and the most authoritative text on Yoga. They contain precise short aphorisms which outline an integrated, comprehensive framework of healthy living as well as lay out a definitive path to understanding our own minds, the world we inhabit, the connections within and beyond.

The sutras contain words that are specifically chosen to convey central concepts. Learning to chant the sutras, at least the most important ones are a valuable aid to any yoga practitioner or teacher. Using them as a source of reflection and inspiration is useful in daily practice and teaching.

In this two day weekend workshop, we will cover the chanting of the 55 sutras of the 2nd chapter of the Yogasutras – The Sadhana Pada and the 51 sutras from the 1st chapter – Samadhi padah.

Students will learn to split up the sutras correctly without distorting the meaning and also to chant them fully and have recordings of their learnings to take home. There will also be time set aside for Q&A, explanations and group discussions on some of the key concepts to facilitate integration of these into daily life and practice.